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Music zeitgeist year 2008

January 29, 2009

…according to “he hype machine”. Get to know here.

A blog about music, made by music bloggers. Don’t give a secont thought, just check out.


Barack Obama Mobile

January 21, 2009



Well, it may be a little late, but it’s mandatory to mention Barack Obama’s innovative campaign using all the social media background he could use. From  facebook to twitter, youtube to personal blogging, and, of course, sms, mobile ad and alerts, wap site, short code, Iphone app and the list goes – Obama made history (again) setting up a new way for politicians to get closer to their supporters.  It’s clear we have witnessed a landmark in politics and in thechnology. Now is time to figure out what is comig next in his role and how followers will apply the lesson learned.


How it works

January 16, 2009

…and now. Which way to choose? Content. oooooak. Production? Promotion? Licensing? Royalty? Billing?


A personal notepad on COMPANIES

January 9, 2009

Leading enablers in Europe: Buongiorno, ZED, JAMBA,  Arvato, TIM WE.

 They provide aggregation, SMS systems, mobile marketing, content, and they all work with variuos groups of operator in the region.

Let’s focus on it.

BTW, Just yesterday I was chatting with a friend who is also involved in the mobile/telecom marketing in Europe. Seems that everything is fine, not a sign of crisis so far. Good to know that.


UK highlights

January 2, 2009

ofcom is an independent organisation which regulates the UK’s broadcasting, telecommunications and wireless communications sectors.



All of them operate on GSM network.