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Just around the corner

February 6, 2009

Gartner consulting group came up with these new 8 – trends in IT, mobility and etc, for the next two years. You can check the whole thing out in their homepage, here I point out what most fits me:

– Display : long life batteries (for personal matters 🙂 )

-Bringing social media communication to mobile (comunidades, interatividade, user generated content, bloggin, indexação por tags, social computing into business, etc)


French highlights

December 29, 2008

According to and also French market seems not to be competitive, as three major carries dominate the marketshare like this:

Orange GSM (France Telecom) – 23,561,700 subscribers
SFR GSM (vodafone) – 15,522,800 subscribers
Bouygues Telecom GSM – 9,372,900 subscribers

A annual report released in Dec 2007, pointed out that “the market has remained relatively unchanged in terms of penetration, market share, prices and competition in the past few years”.


Value – telecom rank 2008

December 26, 2008

Click here to read the Mobile Communications International magazine’s 2008 rank of top 100 cellular brands.